We also entrust partners with the sale,
implementation and support
of our solutions.

How to become a partner?

Developing comprehensive IT solutions and services is a combination of superior knowledge and good communication.
We are very aware of this. Partnership is a way of working together when we make a conscious decision, that the cooperation will bring positive business effects for everyone involved in the process (us, you and the end customer).
We offer comprehensive support in the field of analytics, You know the content of your customer’s business, and your customer gets a complete platform for business decision support.

What do you get as a ResEvo partner?

  • Know how in the field of analytics support (Business Intelligence).
  • A broader offer to your end customers, the possibility to upgrade with existing customers and a competitive advantage.
  • Increased scope of services in the field of analytics (increase your service revenues).
  • A share of the commission from the sale of ASK.BI licences, which gives end-users automation, visualisation and digitisation of their data.
  • Reduction in software development investment, we take care of the development.
  • We invite you to get to know and use the data. Join us!